Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

5 Stars

Everneath caught me totally by surprise. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I bought it. Honestly, the cover drew me in...again. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a beautiful cover. I never expected to find a story that was beautifully tragic. I couldn't put it down. It took me longer than my norm to finish it, and I think it's because the way Brodi Ashton writes just makes you slow down and absorb every line. This lady can tell a story. 

The story tells of the 6 months of Nikki's life after she returns from the Everneath. She only has 6 months before she has to go back, and she is determined not to leave the ones she loves the most the same way as she did last time. She's determined to make up for her sudden disappearance. She desperately wants a chance to say goodbye. This is her plan: be a good daughter, big sister, make sure her family is "okay" before she has to leave again. She'd hoped to get see Jack, her boyfriend, from afar. That's all she wanted. 

She didn't count on Cole following her back from the Everneath and stopping at nothing to get her to come back with him. He wants her to help him take over the Everneath. But Nikki won't do that. That would mean she had to be come immortal, an Everling, and feed off of other humans for survival. 

She also didn't count on Jack not letting her go. 

Seriously. This story was sort of magical, in a dark sort of way. At the start of every chapter there was a countdown of time and a location documented. At first, I thought it was sort of silly, but the more I read the book, it started to make sense. If this were the last 6 months of my life on Earth, I'd be obsessively documenting it too. 

Brodi Ashton puts a spin on the time-old Persephone myth that is a must read. You won't be able to put it down. 



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