Sunday, August 3, 2014

Big Things Are Coming!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that I have been absent for so long. My personal life got really busy and while things have only calmed down about 50%, I am back and have some big things planned! Starting TOMORROW, I will be starting my Author Spotlights. Each week I will be focusing on one author and their books (or a selection of their books if they have a high number published). Monday through Thursday will be focused on reviews, blurbs, covers, and buy links. Friday's posting will have more information on the author, all of their social links for you to stay connected and stalk them properly (because trust me, ALL of these authors are immensely stalk-worthy), plus.....wait for it....a GIVEAWAY. Let that sink in for a minute. Once a week I will be posting a GIVEAWAY, and trust me when I say they will be freaking awesome! Each giveaway will include (but not limited to) a copy of one of the author's books (either an e-book format of the winner's choice, and/or sometimes I will also have a hard copy that may or may not come from my personal collection), an e-reader cover knitted by your's truly (that will fit both Kindle and Nook, or any e-reader that is in the same parameters of those measurements), a tasty treat of some sort (I can't promise chocolate, it's hot here in Houston lol). Giveaways may also include any swag that the author chooses to donate (sometimes swag will also come from my personal collection that I have acquired at book signings) or anything else that I come up with! 

So, please make sure to stay tuned, invite your friends, and above all else, HAVE FUN! I know I'm having tons of fun putting together all of the reviews and gathering goodies for the giveaways. 

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