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Review & Tour: Tamed by K.A. Robinson

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Tamed, Torn Series #5, is now live! This book focuses on Adam and Amber. Adam is the guitarist with a wild streak in the Torn Series band, Breaking The Hunger. Amber is the best friend of the main character of Torn, Chloe. Both of these characters have a wild streak, something you're aware of if you've read the other Torn Series books.
Tamed can be read as a standalone.
I hope you like your rockers a whole lot dirty, because with Adam, that's what you'll get.
Mistakes—my life has been full of them. Time and time again, I’ve tried to change, tried to make the right choices, but it doesn’t matter. I always screw up.

I hoped that Adam would be different, that he wouldn’t be a mistake. Our relationship was supposed to be about sex and nothing more.

Fun, easy, simple—that was what we wanted.

But things are never simple, not for me.

Adam changed me. He made me the person I am today. I hate who I am and what I’ve become. I'm not proud of the things I've done.

I thought my greatest mistake would be falling in love with him.

I was wrong.

My greatest mistake is much, much worse.

I’ve lost control.

I have a secret I can’t hide.

It’s going to destroy everything.

My name is Amber, and this is my story.
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About the author:
K.A. Robinson is twenty-four years old and lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Torn Series, The Ties Series, Breaking Alexandria, Taming Alec, and Deception. When she’s not writing, she loves to read books that usually have zombies in them. She is addicted to rock music and coffee, mainly Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. 

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3.5 Stars

I was given a copy of this book for my honest opinion. Thank you to the author and publisher. 

This was my first book by K.A. Robinson. Usually I am a big NA fan, but I have been on a YA fantasy/dystopian kick lately, so had I been in the mood for NA I probably would have enjoyed this story more. That's not to say that I didn't like the book, but I wanted to preface this review with that disclaimer. 

You know how some authors write a companion novel from another character's POV? That's what Tamed is. The bulk of the plot is about Amber's recollection of all of Chloe and Drake's drama with bits of sex and angst sprinkled in. I don't need to buy Torn, Twisted, or Tainted because thanks to Tamed, I know what happens in those books' plots. I wish there was more focus on Amber's time at college. The story took big leaps. One chapter would end and the next would have a header that read something like "Two Months Later" or "Three Months Later" or "One Year Later." And then the first paragraph or two would just summarize what happened in that missing gap. 

Instead of cute or sweet little stories of their time spent together, we got "I continued my friends with benefits arrangement with Adam." I understand that Ms. Robinson didn't want to fill the story up with just sex (although she can write a gooooooooood sex scene!) but what about the times when Amber would go see Adam's band play? Amber said that even though the agreed to an open "relationship" that every time she would go see Adam play he would always take her home with him instead of some groupie. Adam admits a couple of times that he's not a one-woman kind of guy, so this is huge. This is character development and it is only mentioned in one of those summarizing paragraphs I mentioned above. 

I found Amber and Chloe to be very annoying. When Chloe was info dumping the plot line from Toxic to Amber and Logan, Amber gets mad at her for keeping them in the dark about all of it. Yet that is exactly what Amber does the entire book! She says on numerous occasions that she can't tell Amber or Logan about what she is doing with Alex and then later with Adam. She says the wouldn't understand. 

I know it sounds like I hated this book, but I really didn't. In all honesty, it held my attention well enough that I finished it in a few hours, but that credit mainly goes to Adam. He was so swoon-worthy: electric blue mohawk, piercings and tattoos everywhere, guitar player, well-hung....yes please!! Because of the time jumping and summarizing paragraphs we don't get enough time between Amber and Adam to make their growing feelings believable. They do end up spending some stretches of time apart but their reunions just consisted of

"I missed you!"
"I missed you too."
"Let's get busy."

Up until the last 70% or so the story mainly consisted of Chloe's drama and Amber hooking up with Adam. There didn't seem to be much substance to the book and Adam's complete 180 towards the end was a bit far fetched. Amber drops a huge bomb on him, one that is wildly reminiscent to a time in his life that caused him to put up all of his walls, and he's just like "oh, well okay." 

Again, I did like this book and read it quickly, but it just fell short for me. I had high hopes for Amber. Her story is one that I can personally identify with and I had really hoped that there would be more redemption to her story. If the plots for the first 3 books hadn't been spoiled for me, I probably would have liked this book a little more. I don't think it should be classified as a standalone. 

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