Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: Paxton's Promise by LP Dover

 After reading Ryley's Revenge, I was super eager to get my hands on Paxton's book! Paxton has been on my radar since Tyler's Undoing. He used to run with Kyle's cronies (Boo! Hiss!) so he had been automatically classified as a bad guy. Ohhhh how I love a good "misunderstood bad boy" story!


At the end of Ryley's Revenge Gabriella agreed to an undetermined IOU to Paxton in exchange for a huge favor that he did for Gabby and Ashleigh. I won't go into details because technically all of the Gloves Off novels can be read as standalones.

The chemistry between Gabriella and Paxton was insane. She wants him bad, but can't get past his involvement with Kyle, who has horrible history with her brother, Matt. Gabby is fiercely loyal and tried so hard to fight her feelings for Paxton, but her expertise is fighting in the ring, not fighting matters of the heart. That's right. Gabriella is also an MMA fighter and is a badass in her own right.


The chemistry between Paxton and Gabriella isn't the only plot going on in this book. Someone has their eye on Gabby and will stop at nothing to have her. This book definitely kept me up way past my bedtime to finish it. I couldn't put it down! Not only are there plenty of steamy scenes (omg the pool scene *fans self*) but towards the end I was so wound up and nervous for Paxton and Gabby! j

This book definitely is worth 5 stars. LP Dover is officially on my Automatic One-click List!!


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