Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cover Relaunch: The Morrigan: Raven Heart by Adana Presley

I am the Morrigan. Irish men fear me because I am the Goddess of Death. They think I'm nothing more than a blackened soul and I let them think that. The obsessive war between the two kingdoms of Ulster and Connacht goes far beyond the present. Queen Meba seeks vengeance against me and she will stop at nothing until I and my people are destroyed. I've waited centuries to watch Queen Meba fall and I believe the demigod Cuhullian may just be the one who will make that happen. 

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About The Author: 
As a new author Adana Presley spends her time reading and improving her craft. She enjoys a good storyline and hopes to one day be able to write on the same level as traditionally published authors. What she loves about self-publishing is the instant feedback and being able to speak directly through Facebook with her readers. When she is not writing she is spending time with her family and traveling throughout Europe. 

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